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Corporate social responsibility

The Company believes that in conducting its business, company also must be an impact to the society and provide added value to all stakeholders including the community and the surrounding natural environment. Corporate social responsibility is a forum for the company to distribute a moral responsibility for all the company's stakeholders. This social responsibility continue to be implemented and become a reference to the company in every decision-making and corporate policy.

Corporate Social Responsibility on Environment

The Company has implemented ISO 14001, which means in the implementation of the operational activities of the company are in compliance with international standards with attention to environmental aspects that are around the company. The company also adherent to government regulations that relate to the environment. Company programs related to the environment is about the management of solid waste that has been working with experienced people in waste management. Manufacture of special drainage in the management of liquid waste that continue to be monitored and analyzed periodically. Management of waste gases, dust and noise have also been carried out based on the applicable safety standards and continuously monitored periodically. Costs incurred by the company for the whole of social responsibility programs related to the environment is Rp. 160,500,000. -

Corporate Social Responsibility of the Labor, Health and Safety

Employees are an integral part in the growth and development of a company. A tribute to every employee of the company are by creation of a comfortable working atmosphere, safe and able to motivate these employees, which in turn can increase productivity and improve the welfare of employees. Program on Employment, health and safety at work is such as a potential development of employees with a variety of training to support the ability to work and provide an opportunity for a higher level, Including to gave appreciation to all employees for the achievement of its targets. This is also the company's efforts in providing employees the opportunity to push themselves to be better. In terms of health and safety, the company held Examination / periodical check-ups for employees, provision of protective equipment / safety in the workplace, program for employee regarding knowhow about emergency evacuation and extinguishing the fire that is done routinely. Costs incurred by the company for the whole of social responsibility programs related to employment, health and safety is Rp. 389,000,000.-

Corporate Social Responsibility of the Social and Community Development

This policy is intended to increase the growth and development of the surrounding community. Cultivated a good relationship between the company and the community, including given a real contribution, is expected to be value-added within the surrounding community. Programs in the development of social and community such as convening the social service and charitable donations in various locations area around the office, factory and companies warehouse, providing assistance in the field of education in the form of scholarships for underprivileged kids who excel ranging from primary school level up to the high school and equivalent and various kinds of assistance are expected to help the younger generation of Indonesia to reach out and acquire a better future. Costs incurred by the company for the whole of social responsibility programs related to Social and Community Development is Rp. 356.660.000, -

Corporate Social Responsibility towards Consumers

The Company is responsible to protect consumer rights, including ensuring that every product that reaches the consumer is in conformity with the required standards. Smooth communication and proactive is one of the steps to maintain a good relationship between the company and consumers. Programs that run by the company as a responsibility for our products and services such as by providing end to end solutions for the problems faced by customers in document trade sector, the survey of customer satisfaction become an evaluation for each product and service provided by the company and commitment to always responsive in every complaint, criticism and input from consumers.